Jersey Indie is a NJ-centric website that showcases artists, businesses, and creative minds living and working throughout the Garden State through videos, Featured Pages, Event Listings, blogposts, social media shoutouts, and more. 

We've all heard stereotypes about NJ.  "Creative," "talented," "innovative," and "beautiful" are usually not at the top of the list.  The mission of Jersey Indie is to help change the perception of NJ, to make residents and visitors alike excited about the talent that exists here, to encourage people to support local Jersey businesses, buy made-in-Jersey products, and foster a sense of curiosity and pride in NJ's diverse communities, ultimately culminating in a 24/7/365 online channel that showcases the cultural and creative vibrancy of our great state (think "MTV" when it was in its prime). 

Jersey Indie is based in Morris County but serves all of NJ.  In addition to social media promotion, we specialize in producing high quality, customizable videos that help NJ artists, businesses, entrepreneurs, nonprofits, and the like promote their brand, tell their story, and build their audience. (Click to learn more about our Video Production services.)

One simple request (or two)

Jersey Indie is about shining the spotlight on emerging talent and NJ-based businesses.  It's also about building community and a network of mutual support.  Support your fellow artists and creative neighbors.  Buy someone's album.  Visit someone's establishment.  Compliment an artist.  Follow a startup.  Let your creative neighbors know that someone appreciates what they do!  Pay it forward. 

Copyright + Errors

The thumbnail images of featured businesses and/or artists are used for preview purposes only.  All rights belong to the individuals and/or companies featured.  Jersey Indie is meant to shine a spotlight on your business, your work, so if you are listed on JI and you notice an error in information, or if you would like to change the featured link, photo, or description, please send an email to jerseyindie@gmail.com and we'll remedy the situation ASAP! 

Who's Behind Jersey Indie? 

My name is Sonia Schnee, Founder of Jersey Indie.  I am a Morris County resident and freelance video editor on a mission to showcase the wealth of creativity and talent that exists in the Garden State. 

All my life I have loved telling stories.  Before I knew how to write, I told stories by drawing pictures.  This love for storytelling has carried over throughout my life, and now I want to tell YOUR story.  What inspires you?  What makes you unique?  How can we get people excited about both you AND your business/your work/your passion?

My background is in film and media.  I graduated from Dartmouth College with a B.A. & High Honors in Film & Media Studies and have worked in various capacities in film, television (including HBO, as their “New Media Asset Specialist), and the nonprofit sector from screenwriting to directing to editing and everything in between.  I love meeting new people, forming meaningful relationships, and look forward to telling YOUR story with you. 

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