Do you have a Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram page? 

Do you feel that not enough people see your posts? 

Gain wider exposure, with Jersey Indie's Social Media Promotion package, tailored for artists, small businesses, and other creatives. 

Sharing Social Media Posts

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For a $30/month, whether you are an artist, business, nonprofit, or other creative, Jersey Indie will take your existing social media content and share/repost/retweet/and re-gram it to our 8,000+ and growing Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram followers. 

  • Sharing is limited to once/day, for a total of 30 days
  • You must be based in New Jersey (or have resided in NJ previously)
  • No profanity, hate speech, or political endorsements. 
  • Payment required upfront via PayPal or check 

How does it work? 

You choose which posts you would like Jersey Indie to share/repost/retweet/and re-gram. You can either: 

A) tag Jersey Indie in your post (Facebook: @jerseyindie2 | Twitter/Instagram: @jerseyindie) 


B) email with the link to each post(s) that you wish to be shared.


Jersey Indie will share your social media content ONCE PER DAY across our Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram pages, for a guaranteed total of 30 DAYS. Those 30 days do NOT have to be consecutive. 


Q: Is there a limit to the TYPE of content that Jersey Indie will share/repost/retweet/re-gram?

Jersey Indie is happy to share any social media content that you would like to be made public, be that links to your websites, information about your products and services, promotions and deals, and any other material. Our only ground rules are that your posts must NOT contain any profanity, nudity, hate speech, or political endorsements. 

Q: What if I have OLD posts that I'd like to be shared. Will Jersey Indie share them? 

Yes. If you have old posts that you would like to be shared, email with the link to your desired post(s) along with any specific directions (if needed). 

Q: What if I would like to have the SAME post shared multiple times? 

If you would like to have the same post shared multiple times across the span of 30 days, email with the link to your desired post(s) along with any specific directions. 

Q: What if I ONLY use Facebook (or Twitter, or Instagram), but not all three?  Am I at a disadvantage? 

If you only post from one or two accounts, Jersey Indie will STILL share your content across ALL of our social media pages (i.e. Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram). 

Q: How many people will see my posts when Jersey Indie shares them? 

Jersey Indie's social media following across Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram is 8,000+ combined -- and growing. We also make use of Facebook and Twitter ads, so that your posts can reach an even wider global audience. 

Audience Demographics (% of followers on, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram)

  • Ages 25-34 (27%, 34%, 48%, 41%)
  • 18-24 (25%, 21%, 17%, 17%)
  • 35-44 (17%, 16%, 16%, 23%)
  • 45-54 (12%, 15%, 12%, 12%)
  • 55-64 (11%, 8%, 3%, 4%)
  • 65+ (5%, 3%, 2%, 2%)
  • 13-17 (0%, 1%, 1%, 1%)
  • Gender: approx. 50/50 split of Women:Men
  • Geography: NJ (statewide), NY, PA, CA, and beyond

Q: Will Jersey Indie keep track of how many days of posts I have remaining? 

Yes. Jersey Indie will share with you a Google spreadsheet that will list all of the posts that we have shared thus far, as well as the number of post days you have remaining out of 30. 

We will include hyperlinks to each post, as well as viewership statistics and audience analytics, where reasonable and applicable. 


Jersey Indie accepts payment through PayPal or via check. 

If you would like to proceed with the "30 for 30" promotion, use the form below to supply us with your Name, Address, and Phone Number.  This information will be kept confidential and is only used for the purpose of addressing your Invoice.  

Name *
Address *
Phone *

Jersey Indie will invoice you via PayPal for the total amount of $30.  Once payment is received, we will begin sharing your content. 

If you prefer to make a payment by check, please use the following address:

Jersey Indie / Sonia Louise Creations, LLC
P.O. Box 286
Ironia, NJ 07845


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