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Are you hosting an event that you'd like featured on Jersey Indie's Event Calendar page?  Fill out this simple form below and Jersey Indie will not only list your event on the site, but also will share your event with our Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram followers.

The only restrictions are:

  1. The event must take place in NJ.

  2. If the event takes place OUTSIDE of NJ, you or someone in your organization must have a NJ connection (i.e. be a current or former resident of NJ).

  3. No profanity, racism, or other objectionable material will be promoted.

Want a boost on social media?

For just $20, we’ll also use Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram’s Promote/Boost features, so your Event can reach your Ideal Target Audience.

*Note: In order for the Promote/Boost features to be more effective, you should leave a long enough runway for Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to do their magic i.e., try to promote your event at least several days before it happens, not the day of!

Next steps:

  1. Email the parameters for your Ideal Target Audience. When we Promote/Boost your Event via our social media channels, who do you ideally want to see it?

    • Facebook/Twitter/Instagram:

      • Location? (US? NJ only? A specific town(s) in NJ?

      • Age range?

      • What kinds of keywords or hashtags would you like us to include in the post?

  2. We’ll send you an invoice for $20.

  3. As soon as payment is processed, we’ll Promote/Boost your Event via Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Thank you for keeping NJ creative. We look forward to spreading the word about what you do!