Artist Profile: Better Machines

By Alex Bradley

The South Jersey music scene is more than happy to welcome Better Machines into our supportive and eager community.  The newly introduced post-punk band is from Hammonton, New Jersey.  The four piece band consists of: Eddie Colon, playing lead guitar, Kevin Marcoux, previously from The Artwork Of, playing rhythm guitar as well as doing lead vocals, while Dan Mattera, who is currently in Family Values and Cleaview, is playing drums, and lastly, Jake Dunleavy, also currently in Clearview, plays bass and back-up vocals. 

Better Machines will be releasing their debut EP titled Honesty, recorded at Blue Light Digital Sound, on June 24th.  They recently released a single off of that EP, the previous Friday, called, “The Greatest Poem Ever Written.” You can listen to it here: 

“This began with Kevin and Jake looking to start making new jams ever since The Artwork Of was no longer a band.  I got involved in talking to them and the three of us got together and soon after, sprung Better Machines.  Eventually Dan came into the picture and was pretty much the missing puzzle piece we were looking for to form the complete band, and now we are where we are today.  As a band, we are very excited to make newer music that isn’t as common as the other bands around our area.  Our main goal as a band is to tour and be able to bring our music to people and places that we have never got the opportunity to see before.” - Eddie of Better Machines

The release show for Better Machines’ EP, Honesty, will be held on Friday, June 24th, 2016 at the May’s Landing VFW Post at 6pm.  The door fee for this show will be $8, but if you arrive before the first band, only $6 is required at the door.  The lineup for this show consists of:

About the Writer

Alex Bradley is a student at Camden County College.  For years she has been attending local shows and much larger concerts.  At only 18-years-old, with a passion for music and all things included, she has been consistently booking performances under Grandaire Booking, both around Hammonton, NJ and also at Coffee Works Too.  With years of experience under her belt already of being involved in the local music scene, Alex is beginning to book her own shows independently as well as writing about her experiences and adding music journalism to her repertoire.