The Official Grandson Show 2.0 : Chalk Zone Benefit

Friday, March 18th - Mays Landing, NJ

By Alex Bradley 

This show was all about bringing people together, beginning with two different booking companies, Grandaire Booking (Hammonton, NJ) and Emerson Booking (Mays Landing, NJ), joining together in order to produce a 10-band, mixed genre show all for one sole purpose: supporting The Chalk Zone.

About six months ago, Jordan Muller and his brother lost their mother due to her fight with depression.  She left the house behind to her sons telling them to keep the house and do whatever it is that makes them happy in life.  Jordan took this opportunity and opened his home to the community by making it a venue for local shows in the Cape May area.  Jordan and his brother recently received news that prior to their mother’s death, the house’s mortgage was backed up a significant amount and that their home and a home to many others, was nearing foreclosure. 

NJ hardcore band,  Vacate .  Photo by Zoe Sabine. 

NJ hardcore band, Vacate.  Photo by Zoe Sabine. 

Grandaire Booking and Emerson Booking have paired up in hopes to bring awareness to this cause.  This stacked show included bands from all around South Jersey and all of different genres.  The lineup consisted of: Ben Greenblatt (acoustic/emo/indie), From the Inside (post-hardcore), Stonehaven (rock/metal), Keep This Close (pop punk/alternative), Dan’s Dad Does (acoustic/folk), Sons (alternative rock), Lunar Casual (punk/emo), teethforteeth (heavy metal/ punk), Vacate (noise hardcore) and Jersey Devil (EDM/ DJ).  Being a mixed genre show, this gig not only brought out different styles of music, but also different crowds of people.  It’s always amazing to see different parts of the community all coming together to show their support for something.  Emerson and Grandaire Booking have raised $500 for The Chalk Zone. 

To donate to The Chalk Zone's GoFundMe page, click here. 

About the Writer

Alex Bradley is a student at Camden County College.  For years she has been attending local shows and much larger concerts. At only 18 years old, with a passion for music and all things included, she has been consistently booking performances under Grandaire Booking, both around Hammonton, NJ and also at Coffee Works Too.  With years of experience under her belt already of being involved in the local music scene, Alex is beginning to book her own shows independently as well as writing about her experiences and adding music journalism to her repertoire.