F**k It, It’s Christmas, PT II: Have A Good Season // Halogens // Glume // Never Sometimes // Hang Tight // Harvard on the Hill

Tuesday, December 27, 2016, North Plainfield, NJ

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By Sean McCall

          North Plainfield, NJ is making Christmas happen again two whole days after it’s over; they’ve got plenty of bands that will make you feel like you just unwrapped the best present you’ve ever gotten over and over again.  Well, technically there are 6 bands, so imagine you get to relive opening that present – but 6 times.  That’s pretty sick.

          I recently had the pleasure to play with Glume at Flemington DIY over the weekend, and I highly recommend.  They’re awesome dudes with awesome music.  I never got to play with Halogens, but I’ve heard nothing but good things, and I know they recently went on a run over the summer with my friends in Corrina, Corrina.  Halogens just released a 3-song acoustic split with a band called Staten, and it literally has a song called “Olive Garden” on it, which naturally drew my attention immediately.  It’s so good I can literally taste the breadsticks, while also shedding a single tear from the song’s lyrics.  Also my buddy, Nic Palermo, in Have A Good Season, makes the jammiest jams you could ever imagine.  They’re truly a power trio with a lot of talent.  Oh, and Nic has great hair that I wish I had.  (Check out the Jersey Indie Interview my best friend Alex had with him here).  Anyway…

          On the last Tuesday of 2016, this basement will be literally lit.  Like there will be lights and stuff, with a bunch of bands.  This will be held at Dave’s house in North Plainfield.  If you’re like me, you probably don’t know who Dave is.  All you have to do is message one of the members/event page hosts on Facebook.  They’re members from Glume/Never Sometimes, and they’re great, so don’t be hesitant to reach out.

          This show will be held on December 27, 2016, at Dave’s House, from about 6pm-10pm.  Again, you can message anyone for the address, including my dude Polo of Glume.  (Side note: he takes really good pictures.  Props to you, Polo.)




Have A Good Season
(Eatontown, NJ)

If Holden Caulfield listened to Dinosaur Jr., he'd make music like this

 (Mayflower Collective)

Most recent release – “Joseph

Favorite Song: “Oh, Carl”


(Wall / Asbury Park, NJ)

Basically the Modern Baseball of Ramapo college

(Mayflower Collective // Why Bother Records)

Most recent release: “Halogens // Staten Split”

Favorite Song: “Olive Garden, Pt. 2” (I loved Olive Garden already, but shit)


(North Plainfield, NJ)

Brand New's younger brother that wants in on the action as well

Most Recent Release: "Sustenance"

Favorite Song: “Sediment”


Never Sometimes (Reunion show, one night only baby)
(Middlesex, NJ)

yeah, you read that right. the boyos are coming back from the dead for one night only. get out yr bedroom and crymosh one more time. it's a christmas/channukka miracle!

Most recent release: "Wasting Time"

Favorite Song: “Realism” (Truly a finger point banger, the chorus is too catchy)


Have you ever played Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 2? 'cause they sound like that.

Most recent release: “Digital Age” (Single/Video)

Check out their Video they recently released below:


Harvard on the Hill
(Denville, NJ)

Just imagine watching The Wonder Years live before they got signed to Hopeless Records.

Most Recent Release: “A Certain Point of View”

Favorite Song: “Harsh Words” (Nostalgic, sad, and hopeful with a beautiful outro)

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About the Writer

Sean McCall is a Music Business Technology Major studying at Rowan University with a Minor in Theatre.  He has been attending shows since he was young, and is currently in Breaking Tradition and FV, and is actively involved with The Calcifer Sessions.  He has an ear for music and challenges himself in learning as many instruments as he can.  Sean has sung in multiple competitive honor choirs throughout the country ranging from All-State to All-National Honor Choir.  With a passion for writing, creating, and music in general, he is adding music journalism to his resumé to contribute even further into this talented area we call home.