Flemington DIY

By Alex LaVallee

Flemington, New Jersey is located in the heart of Hunterdon County.  The suburban community is beautifully surrounded by a rural backdrop and farmlands.  There was never much for high schoolers to do after school and on the weekends until the opening of Flemington DIY.  Flemington DIY is the creative center of Hunterdon County.  Located at 90 Main Street in the center of Flemington, the space is reserved for local creatives to express themselves in a safe and friendly environment.  The building can be reserved to hold an array of events, from poetry nights to film club movie viewings.

Flemington DIY   logo courtesy of John Fay

Flemington DIY logo courtesy of John Fay

John Fay is the web developer for Flemington DIY.  Aside from the work that he does for this not-for-profit organization, Fay tries to attend as many events as he can with his busy school schedule.

“My favorite thing about it (Flemington DIY) is that it gives the people of Hunterdon County a safe place to artistically express themselves and inspire each other to create and get involved in the art community." 

Aside from the creative art space, Flemington DIY serves as the music hub of Hunterdon County.  The space also serves as a music venue, hosting some of the most prolific up and coming emo/alternative bands in the northeast.  Within the past year, Flemington DIY had a multitude of bands including: Petal, Pinegrove, Jank, Dowsing, Spencer Radcliff, and Dogs on Acid.

Show Flier courtesy of John Fay

Show Flier courtesy of John Fay

In the summer of 2015, Flemington DIY hosted a first ever music festival in Flemington called “Flem Fest” with Frankie Cosmos and Radiator Hospital as headliners.  The fest had a lineup of mostly local acts and will set up an annual event that local musicians and fans can look forward to.

Flemington DIY is the epitome of a creative space, by the people for the people.  For booking inquiries to host a show, artist exhibit or club meeting, contact Flemington DIY at flemingtonDIY@gmail.com.

About the Writer

Alex LaVallee is a junior, Public Relations major at Rowan University.  He grew up in a small rural community in Hunterdon County, NJ.  LaVallee is a lover of music, art, and nature, spending most of his time finding new music or outside with his friends.  LaVallee takes pride in the fact that he grew up in NJ, and continuously is fighting for the proper recognition of Central Jersey.  Follow Alex LaVallee on social media @alex_lavallee (Instagram), @bread_cruz (Twitter).