Interview with Austin Romanuski of Downer

Photo courtesy of  Ringleader Photography

Photo courtesy of Ringleader Photography

By Sean McCall

S.M.: Can you talk about how you first got into music leading up to downer?

Austin Romanuski: I would say that I started playing bass in middle school. I dropped music for like a minute but then learned how to play guitar in high school, and that's all I wanted to do.  So I just eventually decided what my goal was, and I just wanted to be confident and good at my instrument.  That goes for all of us.

How long has downer been a band? Who are the members?

We've been a band since 2013 when we changed our name.  We used to be Hail to the Thief.  It's me, Josh O'Hara, Kyle Andracchio, and Mike Corrao.

How did you guys meet?

I met Josh through our old guitar player, and I met Kyle from playing shows, and then I met Mikey through Kyle at our first show ever at the jumpzone.  Kyle joined just because he was a fan, and we basically tricked Mikey into joining.  Mike's not even in our band, he's just there. 

How long have you been making music?

I'd say 6 years. 

Talk about downer right now and what's to come for you guys in the future. 

We just finished tracking a 7-inch that'll be eventually released on tape and vinyl.  We have a tour booked for May, and we're hopefully doing a tour in the south around July or August.  For the fall we're gonna write, and then we plan on recording an EP next year in 2017.

Do you guys have any shows coming up?

We had a show on Saturday in Mays Landing with Use Big Words, Rachel, and a few other bands, but nothing else right now. 

Describe your sound.

We're not trying to push this culture of classification into anyone's mind. If you make a judgment on our music, I hope it's based on what you're hearing in the moment, not anytime before, not anytime after.  Come see us live.  It's gonna be loud.

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