Interview with Brian McKenna of Corrina, Corrina

By Sean McCall 

Corrina, Corrina is a 4-piece punk band from Red Bank, NJ comprised of Brian McKenna (Vox/Guitar), Deaglan Howlett (Vocals/Guitar), Kyle Donovan (Bass), and Matt Kessig (Drums). They’re the kind of band that delivers consistently fun punk music with catchy melodies that will be stuck in your head all day, while sticking to a raw punk sound. It’s kind of like Green Day had a baby with the Menzingers in my opinion, but you’re gonna have to listen to them yourself.

I had the opportunity to ask my buddy Brian a few things about Corrina, Corrina and what’s happening in the future / how they get such a fun punk sound while maintaining their hot jock lifestyles.

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S.M.: Can you tell us about Corrina, Corrina?

B.M.: We’re a punk rock band from the Jersey shore and we’re trying.

How long have you guys known each other and been a band?

Deaglan, Matt and I started playing together in 8th grade. We’d do Green Day covers and stuff. We were really just friends who liked to hang out and talk about bands. But when we started putting songs together it got more serious and we really went for the band thing. We met Kyle just as our old bassist was leaving for college. He made Corrina even more fun and we’ve become a pretty solid unit.

Your last release pratfall/distance was recorded live, right? What's the next release we could look forward to?

Actually no, Pratfall and Distance are the only songs of ours that aren’t recorded live. I am however really proud of how they came out. We got to work with Pete Steinkopf of The Bouncing Souls (my favorite band) and that was a trip for us. As for our next release, it’s coming. We have the songs ready. We’re just trying to find the time and money to get into the studio.

If Corrina, Corrina had to be described in food, what food would you be?

What’s the smelliest food?

Do you guys have any upcoming shows?

We’re played the OnPoint Music & Arts Festival with PWR BTTM and Speedy Ortiz this past Saturday in Hoboken, which we were really excited about. Then this week we’re playing at Crossroads in Garwood with our buddy Staten (who you should definitely check out). And we have some really cool stuff planned for the rest of the year that hasn’t been announced yet.

Describe what a live show is like with Corrina, Corrina.

At least, really fun. We move around a lot and have a good time, and it’s really important to us that everyone in the audience has a good time. Our friends come out and sing along and dance and we love it. Basically we play a lot of totally perfect basement shows with really good people.

Any final thoughts or anything you'd like to add?

Listen to Have a Good Season, Halogens, Mother Goose, The VanSaders and Little Rooney!

What're you listening to right now/the last thing you were listening to?

I’ve been listening to a lot of the new Against Me! and Beach Slang albums. I’ve also been on a big R.E.M. kick lately. And the very last thing I listened to was Teenage Bottlerocket’s They Came From The Shadows. I mean, it’s a perfect record, it doesn’t get old, and I still listen to it every week.

Latest Release: “Pratfall/Distance”

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