Interview with Tim Waldron of FV

By Sean McCall

            Tim Waldron is a singer/songwriter from Egg Harbor Township.  Tim has been in a number of bands prior to FV, but this sound is a significantly different sound compared to most projects he was in, as well as the current projects around him.  “FV” is what spun off of his previous band name “Family Values,” however, FV has no correlation to Family Values.  In my opinion, it’s spun up a lot of different reactions from various groups of people.

          This is also sort of a shameless plug for myself.  I always knew Tim and genuinely enjoyed his music — specifically when he was in a 3-piece band “Whitebridge.”  However, since Tim came to Rowan (the school I currently attend), we’ve become very good friends and realized we should be making music together, considering we would be hanging all the time.  I’m very excited for this project and what the future potentially holds for us.  I love everything about it — the music, the concept, the artwork — all of it.  It truly worked out because I was originally supposed to be playing bass for Family Values, and then a member of Family Values decided to call it quits.  So I hopped on drums, and asked my best friend, Alex, who is also a JI blogger, to play bass even though he’s essentially never picked up that instrument.  It all worked out because I can fake my way on drums enough, and Alex is just one of the quickest learners when it comes to instruments and music in general, so naturally he’s slaying the bass game.  We’re all best friends, and tight AF fam.

S.M.: Tell us a little bit about FV and what your music is about.

Tim Waldron:  Our music is definitely broad.  It can range from a song reminiscing about euphoric times with friends to a song about asking yourself what the hell is my purpose.  Kinda like life, it's a rollercoaster of emotions, so I strived to display that through the music.  Most of the topics we write about are criticized as “cliché” but things are cliché for a reason because people can connect with it.  

What are you currently going to College for?  Is it tough to manage school as well as music?

I currently attend Rowan University, pursuing a Marketing degree.  Balancing class and shows/writing, etc. isn’t challenging, however schooling is coming out my pocket so sometimes it gets tricky with managing funds.  Very doable though.

How long have you been playing / creating music?  Can you talk about some of the projects leading up to where you are today?

I've been playing in bands for years but nothing like this — I played the high school talent shows, thrashed around in the local scene, but this is the first project that is truly thought out.  I’ve always listened to music like this and never would I have thought I would have the chance to play it.  

Do you play any other instruments?

I’m truly a bass player.  Most of the songs we have written on bass as well, and then layered with pads and guitars.  I dabble with guitar and piano, but bass is where I truly feel comfortable.

Where can we find FV’s music?  What should we expect next from FV?

New EP, new sound, new FV — winter 2016.  Fake Love displayed our rock influences, but this new collection of songs will be pulling from a wide array of other influences.  We are not ditching the sound of the last EP — rather, expanding on what we can do.

What’s your favorite ice cream flavor?  Asking for a friend...

Strawberry ice cream.  Hands down.

Any final thoughts or comments you’d like to add?

"FV" means literally nothing and that’s why I love it.  You can sit me down, and I could rant about it forever.  But to sum it up, the reason why we chose "FV" is because it has no predetermined meaning.  It's a symbol we can give meaning to, rather than us relating your music to the pre-determined mood a band name emits.  


You can listen to FV’s latest release, “Fake Love,” by clicking the image below:

About the Writer

Sean McCall is a Music Business Technology Major studying at Rowan University with a Minor in Theatre.  He has been attending shows and events since he was in middle school and has had his own band he’s been involved in for about 7 years called Breaking Tradition.  He has been actively involved in the music scene since he was young and holds an overall passion for all types of music.  He has an ear for music and tries to pick up as many instruments as he can.  Sean has sung in multiple competitive honor choirs throughout the country, ranging from All-State Honor Choir to as far as All-National Honor Choir, and plans to take off in the Music Industry in as many ways possible.  Sean also recently helped book a show in Glassboro with his friends, Alex LaVallee and Alex Bradley, and plans to book many more independent shows in the near future.  With a passion for music, bands, and the overall scene, he is adding music journalism to his resumé to contribute even further into this talented area we call home.