Cuffing, Speed Dating and more with King Kittee

By Patricia Rogers

Ever since the Takeover Networking event last Spring, I have been getting connected to many, what I like to call, “young creative entrepreneurs.”  First it was meeting Sebastian and O-Live who were than able to connect more with Ray, through music.  And at the DDTM 3 event, Sebastian and O-Live introduced me to Sakarra who runs Kreye Culture.  Ray, and myself, attended Sakarra’s open mic event, The Last Supper, where I met Kadi, a personality/blogger born in Newark, New Jersey.

Kadi a.k.a King Kittee, 24, greeted me with a vibrant smile and great energy.  She was excited and passionate for us to meet and share what she has going on.  Kadi Cisse is a New Jersey native from parents of West African descent.  She’s overcome great adversity to become the first college graduate in her family.  She graduated from Fairleigh Dickinson University and has interned at MTV, The Wendy Williams Show, and BET Networks.  Now working full time at Viacom, she also created her own site, King Kittee, geared toward entertaining and elevating her audiences while exposing up-and-coming talent. 

Kadi and Sakarra from Kreye Culture host their first event here in New Jersey’s Valley Arts District: Cuffing Season: Speed Dating event at Hat City Kitchen.  I am excited, it’ll be the first time I observed speed dating.  I won’t be participating, but I will be catching up with those who are to get some inside scoop.

Speaking of inside scoop, I was able to catch up with King Kittee and learn more about her and the event:

Patricia Rogers: It has been nice meeting you, and can not wait 'till the event.  Why did you want to host a speed dating event?

King Kittee: I decided to host a speed dating event after reading an article detailing the alarming rates of singles in the Essex County area provided by the Census.  I feel like a major part of the high rates of singles in the Essex County area is due to the lack of social events outside of the typical club scene (which most don't usually go to meet soulmates).  A speed dating event is something fun and new to many residents in the area -- which could hopefully help singles meet other singles and hopefully grow to become something more.

For those who may not know, what is "cuffing season?"

Cuffing Season is usually during the fall and winter months where all the single and promiscuous people find themselves longing for a serious relationship and one special person to spend the cold season with.  It's usually right after a long summer of clubbing and bagging chicks with "da bros" and thotting and bopping with your girls.  I think Cuffing Season is one of the most important seasons because it's the time of the year where people often meet their soulmates and experience love.  Even if the relationship doesn't last beyond Cuffing Season, it's a time where there's a decrease in drama, crime, and violence because everyone is too busy in love, which is also great!

How awesome is Sakarra, how did Kreye Culture get into the mix?

I am a close friend of Sakarra, the Founder of Kreye Culture, whom I worked with before on many of Kreye events.  I love the message and mission behind Kreye, so I couldn't have thought of any other organization to collaborate with.

What are some of your biggest aspirations for your brand?

I use my brand to elevate and entertain my audiences as well as to expose them to other great talents, views, and ideas.  I aspire to be the Oprah of social media for my generation, constantly inspiring them to become a better version of themselves in any way I could.  

Sunday, October 3, King Kittee and Kreye Culture co-host Cuffing Season: Speed Dating event at Hat City Kitchen, 459 Valley Street, Orange, New Jersey 07050.  Doors open at 6:00p.m.  Get your last minute tickets here:

About the Writer

Patricia Rogers, #ValleyGirlNJ, lives in New Jersey's Valley Arts District.  The native New Yorker works as a writer, blogger and community activist. Starting Masconsumption Media in 2012, she has been passionate about capturing the stories of the vibrant up and coming Valley Arts District neighborhood through her blog, zine, events and more.  She blogs for Jersey Indie, Luna Stage, and Hat City Kitchen and offers many creative media services.  Visit her blog and keep up with your favorite Valley Girl on social media at @valleygirl_nj (Twitter / Instagram).