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Milkmen / El Americano Tour Kick Off Show w/ The Blithedale Romance // In Angles

January 6th, 2017, New Brunswick, NJ

Click the flier to be directed to the event on  Facebook

Click the flier to be directed to the event on Facebook

By Sean McCall | Posted Thursday, January 5, 2017

Milkmen and El Americano are meeting up and holding hands trying to escape the cold together.  This will be their first show of the tour, and probably the coldest as well.  Warm their butts (and hearts) up and get to the gig.  Also, half of the money made at the door will be donated to a charity announced at the show - so you get to warm even more hearts.  It’s worth it.

 Check out their tour flier below; and click the flier to be directed to their tour event page on Facebook.

These guys will be playing 8 shows total, however, only Milkmen will be making it to the final two.  El Americano low-key digs the cold and needed to head back to the arctic a.k.a. New Jersey.  I’ll include links to the event pages further down...

This show will be held on January 6th, 2017, in New Brunswick, NJ.  It starts around 7:30 pm, and music starts at 8:00 pm.  El Americano hosts the event page, and the address isn’t posted, but feel free to message any of the bands directly, or Robes Pierre (singer of The Blithedale Romance) via Facebook to get it.  You don’t want to miss this shit; the show is stacked like Jenga baby.  My mans told me himself: 

Eric Christopher recently posted in the discussion of the event page to throw out a few reminders:

                  “- Music will be starting ~8 at the latest, so try and get here at a decent hour.

- Don't trash the space (there are recycling bins in the basement/outside).

- No smoking cigarettes inside.

- Bathroom is on the second floor; don't go into the first floor apartment for ANY reason.

-No jerks, no phobes.

-50% of door will be donated to a charity to be announced tomorrow.”






(New Brunswick, NJ)

New Brunswick's best power trio - * not for the lactose intolerant *

Most recent release – “Milkmen”

Favorite Track: “I Think I Know”


El Americano
(Union, NJ)

Dancy Math Soul Boys

Most recent release: “Unfit to Climb A Tree”

Favorite Track: “Three Years, Three Rounds”


The Blithedale Romance
(New Brunswick, NJ)

* Hard hitting Bruns Rock *

Most recent release – “Wanderer

Favorite Track: “State of Fear”


In Angles
(East Brunswick, NJ)

*360 degrees of badass riffs and dbl peals*

Esque Records // Choke Artist

Most recent release: “Cascading Home”

Favorite Track: “South Paw”


Milkmen // El Americano Tour Events:

1.6 - New Brunswick, NJ - Random House Publishing

1.7 - Philadelphia, PA - Kung Fu Necktie

1.8 - Nazareth, PA - The Cove

1.9 - Washington D.C. - Slash Run

1.10 - Charlotte, NC - Milestone Club

1.11 - Knoxville, TN - The Pilot Light

1.12 - Blacksburg, VA - Woolwine House

1.13 - Wilmington, DE - 1984

*1.14 - Winchester, VA - Valley Cat Studios

*1.15 - Newark, DE - The Temple of Sludge

* = Milkmen only.


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