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Address:  Hoboken, NJ (Hudson County)
Keywords:  Technology, Entrepreneur, Networking Community 

We try to encourage synergies in general. I’m always saying to people the most important thing you can do here is meet your neighbor. If you’re looking for help with something or if you’re looking for work or if you’re looking to hire, this is a place where you can comfortably look for those things.
— Aaron Price, Founder, NJ Tech Meetup
For people who have ideas who are hesitant to start, the number one thing you can do is to start. Whether you get it wrong fifteen times to fifteen hundred times, you can’t learn if you don’t try.
— Aaron Price, Founder, NJ Tech Meetup

     NJ Tech Meetup, founded by Hoboken entrepreneur Aaron Price, has grown into the largest technology and entrepreneurial group in NJ - nearing 5,000 members.  It is open to the public and meets once a month at Stevens Institute of Technology.  In the video below, Aaron gives a quick intro to NJ Tech Meetup and shares some words of wisdom for aspiring entrepreneurs. (To read a transcript of the interview, click here.)  To find out more about NJ Tech Meetup, visit http://www.njtech.me/.