Saturday, Sept. 10th, 2016, 12-8PM @ Cathedral Hall, Jersey City, NJ


Mint 400 Records and Sniffling Indie Kids are two record labels functioning under one huge umbrella of homegrown grass roots Indie Rock, mostly comprised of bands from New Jersey.  It’s only fitting that the two labels partnered up to share resources.  They took it upon themselves to create a festival type event for Northern New Jersey.  What they came up with is The North Jersey Indie Rock Festival at Cathedral Hall in Jersey City, New Jersey.  The festival features 20 bands on two floors from both Mint 400 Records and Sniffling Indie Kids.  The festival is also concentrating on involving all of the local music blogs and publications that have supported the labels over the past decade.  In addition through the help of Jersey City’s 4th Street Arts Organization, BGT Enterprises and Rock-it Docket Productions, the event is taking place at Cathedral Hall, a newly renovated arts space on the corner of Montgomery St. & Brunswick St. in the heart of Downtown Jersey City.  The former church will be the site of the festival on September 10th, 2016 from noon until 8pm.  The event is all ages and there will be food & beverages (21+ to drink, with ID), along with arts and craft vendors from North Jersey. 

This event is a large mix of music veterans and new acts all playing just a small 20 minute sampling of their music.  Everything from mellow folk and bluegrass to punk and indie rock will be displayed.

The bands on the event are as follows in alphabetical order:

Ancient Babies (Mint 400 Records) 

The Bitter Chills (Mint 400 Records)

The Clydes (Mint 400 Records)

CR & The Degenerates (Sniffling Indie Kids)

Dollys (Sniffling Indie Kids)

Ken De Poto (Sniffling Indie Kids)

Fairmont (Mint 400 Records)

LKFFCT (Sniffling Indie Kids)

The Maravines (Mint 400 Records)

NGHTCRWLRS (Sniffling Indie Kids)

Pixl-Visionary (Mint 400 Records)

Quality Living (Sniffling Indie Kids)

Rocky & The Chapter (Sniffling Indie Kids)

Sink Tapes (Mint 400 Records/Sniffling Indie Kids)

Toy Cars (Sniffling Indie Kids)

Tri-State (Mint 400 Records)

Underlined Passages (Mint 400 Records)

Shane M. Vidaurri (Mint 400 Records)

YJY (Sniffling Indie Kids)

Young Legs (Mint 400 Records)

The hope of this newly inspired festival is creating a sense of community among North Jersey musicians without corporate involvement.  Our goal is that this will become an annual festival that involves year after year, more and more of the bands and labels that make up the North Jersey music community.

About the Organizers

Mint 400 Records is a North New Jersey independent record label based out of Hawthorne, NJ and run by Neil Sabatino. [Read more]

Sniffling Indie Kids is a record label based out of New Jersey, "started by three of the dudes also responsible for Tiny Giant.  Having played in bands and been a part of the New Brunswick/North Jersey indie rock scene, we decided to start booking shows as well as put out tapes, CDs and records to support and unite the great bands we often play with/see live." [Read more]