Profile: Cheap Plastic Records

By Alex LaVallee

Cheap Plastic Records is a local label based in Timber Creek, NJ.  Established in 2016, Greg Mattia has been a staple in the success of some local bands due to his dedication to the scene.

Greg Mattia is a senior at Timber Creek High School.  Cheap Plastic Records is a label that was started in order to promote local music by pressing albums/EPs onto tapes.  Mattia said he started initially by making tapes for his friends in local bands to sell, and decided to pursue a label off of that idea.

Photo courtesy of Greg Mattia

Photo courtesy of Greg Mattia

“Before I started the label, I did Water Polo's first EP For What It Is, Downer's Apprehension and Maxamillian Raxatrillion's Homeotherapy.  Since starting in February, I did the Maxamillion Raxatrillion/Handsome Eric Split.  I sent the tapes oversees for Handsome Eric to distribute." 

- Greg Mattia

All of the tapes can be purchased directly from each band, but Mattia plans to build a website where fans can purchase tapes of their favorite local bands.

Photo courtesy of Greg Mattia

Photo courtesy of Greg Mattia

“I want Cheap Plastic Records to be something I can use to help bands that I like and believe in putting out physical copies of their music.”

You can like Cheap Plastic Records on Facebook, and keep an eye out for an online webstore coming soon!

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