Hometown and/or Current City:  West Orange, NJ (Essex County)

     Born and raised in West Orange, NJ, Rostafa has immersed himself in Acting, Songwriting, and Musicianship. As a musician he has tackled such instruments as Guitar, Harmonica, 6 String Banjo, Recorders, Saxophone, Mandolin, and Vocals. He studies under the genres of Rock, Blues, Country, R&B, Americana, Folk, Soul, and others. "All genres favor each other. There like distant cousins of the same tree." As an actor, he's been in productions such as Rent, The Outsiders, The Persians, and American Idiot with NJSDA's Encore Theatre program. He's a graduate of both Essex County College and Montclair State College with an associates in Liberal Arts and a B.A. in Theatre Studies. "Songwriting I feel is a part of my destiny. Writing down not only through my 5 senses, but another sense that I'm chasing. The Muse. I want to honor it as it has honored me with other artists messages that have comforted me and many others like me." He owes his gratitude to the open mics/jams/gigs he was fortunate to play at in the Essex County, Bergen County, and other establishments around the Tri-State area.

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