SADfest 2016

July 30th - July 31st, Hammonton, NJ

By Alex Bradley 

“SADfest has changed our lives in ways we never would’ve guessed.  It has opened our eyes to the issues and stigma surrounding mental health, that many people have never taken a minute to acknowledge, but now recognize.  Most importantly SADfest has built the community — a family — that has been there for one another when necessary.  July 30th and 31st; mark the days we can make all the difference.  Come together; come as you are; be a part.”

— Grandaire Booking

Grandaire Booking has worked timelessly to be able to bring the South Jersey music scene together, in order to raise awareness on suicide, addiction, and depression. 

- In 2004, suicide was the third leading cause of death among adolescents between the ages of 15-24. About 24% of high school students have seriously thought about attempting suicide.

- In the United States, last year, there were 150,000 accidental drug overdoses reported among teenagers 13 to 24 years of age

- 20% of adolescents have a diagnosable mental health disease

- 20-30% have a major depressive episode sometime before adulthood

- 50-70% have anxiety disorders or impulse control disorders

These are all vital issues that people should be aware of.

The second annual festival will be on July 30th and July 31st from 12pm to 9pm.  The event will be held at the Hammonton Soccer Field located at 1100 Moss Mill Road in Hammonton, New Jersey.  Proceeds from SADfest will be donated to different non-profit organizations that have to do with the cause.

The festival weekend will be compact with 40 local bands of all genres imaginable, as well as mental health workshops, vendors, displayed and for sale art, tents, etc.  There will be something for people of all ages to enjoy.  Grandaire invites people to talk about their personal battles with either suicide, addiction, and depression, and lets them know that they are comforted. 


Saturday’s Music lineup includes:                        

Brock Landers 

  • Hometown: Mount Royal, NJ
  • Genre: Brock-n-Roll

Rich People

  • Hometown: Sicklerville, NJ
  • Genre: Alternative Rock

Forever Losing Sleep

  • Current Location: Montclair, NJ
  • Genre: Rock, Alternative, Ambient, Emo, Post-Hardcore, Post-Rock, Screamo


  • Hometown: Hammonton, NJ
  • Genre: AltRock/EmotionalHardcore/PostRock


  • Hometown: Hammonton, NJ
  • Genre: Post - Everything


  • Hometown: Hammonton, NJ
  • Genre: Heavy, Punkish

Life After TV

  • Hometown: Oyster Bay, NY
  • Genre: Experimental Rock

Tie Goes to the Runner

  • Hometown: Atlantic City, NJ
  • Genre: NJ Sing-Along Dude Rock / Indie Prog Funcore Fusion

End Year

  • Hometown: Woodbridge, VA
  • Genre: Post Rock/Instrumental


  • Hometown: Boston, MA
  • Genre: Experimental / Ambient Hardcore

Better Machines

  • Hometown: Hammonton, NJ
  • Genre: Not another Nirvana cover band.

Lesser Men

  • Hometown: New England
  • Genre: Post-Hardcore/Experimental

Old City Revival

  • Hometown: New Jersey
  • Genre: Indie/Alternative Rock

With Our Teeth

  • Hometown: Philadelphia, PA
  • Genre: Alternative / Post-Hardcore / Progressive

In the Presence of Wolves

  • Hometown: Barrington, NJ
  • Genre: Progressive/Experimental/Alternative


  • Hometown: South New Jersey
  • Genre: Metal / Metalcore / Melodic Metal

Heroes of Modern Earth

  • Hometown: Atlantic City, NJ
  • Genre: World Rock


  • Hometown: Jersey
  • Genre:  Alternative, Dreamy, Indie, Post, Shoegaze

Kate Dressed Up

  • Hometown: Philadelphia, PA
  • Genre: Folk, Indie, Indiefolk

Ben Greenblatt

  • Hometown: Voorhees Township, NJ
  •  Genre: Acoustic, Alternative, Chordcore, Emo

Sunday's Lineup includes:

Burial Mound

  • Hometown: South Jersey
  • Genre: Metal


  • Hometown: Port Republic, NJ
  • Genre: Alternative Emo


  • Hometown: Philadelphia, PA
  • Genre: Rock/Alternative/Pop Punk

Breaking Tradition

  • Hometown: National Park, NJ
  • Genre: Alternative

Sleep In.

  • Hometown: Cherry Hill, NJ
  • Genre: Alternative

Awesome Teenage Democracy

  • Hometown: West Berlin, NJ
  • Genre: Alternative/Soul/Funk/Pop

Tyler Sarfert

  • Hometown: Mays Landing, NJ
  • Genre: Pop Rock / Alternative / Rock


  • Hometown: Houston, TX
  • Genre: Post-Hardcore, Screamo, Post-Rock

Endless Sacrifice

  • Hometown: Sicklerville/Williamstown, NJ
  • Genre: Vigilante Hero Metal


  • Hometown: Tabernacle, NJ
  • Genre: Ambient, Indie, Rock, Emo, Noise Rock

Kid Felix

  • Hometown: Laurel Springs, NJ
  • Genre: Rock


  • Hometown: Doylestown, PA
  • Genre: Genreless

Modern Lives

  • Hometown: MA
  • Genre: Rock, Garage Rock, Indie, Post Punk 

My Life On Film

  • Hometown: Ocean County, NJ
  • Genre: Alternative/Punk Rock


  • Hometown: West Chester, PA
  • Genre: Psychedelic Rock / Grunge / Indie

The Secondside

  • Hometown: Northfield, NJ
  • Genre: Alternative-Rock / Post-Hardcore


  • Hometown: Medford, NJ
  • Genre: Rock/Progressive/Metal


  • Hometown: Atlantic/Cape May County, NJ
  • Genre: Alternative, Rock

Haunted Homes

  • Hometown: NJ
  • Genre: Alternative 


  • Hometown: Hammonton, NJ
  • Genre: Indie Rock

About the Writer

Alex Bradley is a student at Camden County College.  For years she has been attending local shows and much larger concerts.  At only 18-years-old, with a passion for music and all things included, she has been consistently booking performances under Grandaire Booking, both around Hammonton, NJ and also at Coffee Works Too.  With years of experience under her belt already of being involved in the local music scene, Alex is beginning to book her own shows independently as well as writing about her experiences and adding music journalism to her repertoire.