Sleep Well. God Bless. – “You’re Making a Scene, Housecat” Final Show


Photo courtesy of  Water Polo / Housecat Split  2015

Photo courtesy of Water Polo / Housecat Split 2015

By Sean McCall

Last Wednesday, May 18, 2016, Housecat (PA) played their last show before everybody in the band departs from Haverford College.  The majority of Housecat’s band members are seniors this year and have just graduated college.  Many of these guys were apart of Haverford’s track team and will likely go on to become Olympian track runners while playing music on the side as their hobby.  To recap the show, four bands played to send Housecat on their way into the real world. 

The first to play was a band called Peasant Season (PA) who are also Haverford Natives.  They’ve played a few shows around their area, including Haverford Prom 2016.  Peasant Season is relatively new, but definitely keep a look out for their upcoming music.  They are in the midst of recording an EP right now. Although they do not have a Bandcamp or a Facebook page at the moment, you can follow them on Twitter and read all of their silly twitter antics here.

The second band on was South Jersey’s Breaking Tradition.  Although they are from South Jersey, Breaking Tradition is still a part of the Haverford fam.  They played Housecat’s Haverford show last year alongside them and Water Polo (NJ / PA).

Connect with Breaking Tradition:

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South Jersey's  Breaking Tradition

South Jersey's Breaking Tradition

The third band to go on before Housecat shredded their final rock-n-roll riffs was Water Polo (NJ / PA).  These guys did a split with You’re Making a Scene, Housecat last year.  It was released July 21, 2015, and each band released 3 songs.  Water Polo consists of members from Temple University in Philadelphia, but some members are originally from Sicklerville, New Jersey.

Connect with Water Polo:

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NJ / PA's  Water Polo

NJ / PA's Water Polo

The final and most important band on this show was Haverford track team's You’re Making a Scene, Housecat (PA).  A short description of this band, according to their Facebook, is “college students with feelings.”  Housecat put on a very energetic and all around feel-good show with upbeat music that you are constantly moving your head to without even realizing it.  Their last show was without a doubt a very memorable one. 

Connect with Housecat: 

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Photo courtesy of  Housecat’s Facebook page  – Note Water Polo’s Drummer, Eric O’Neill, really feeling it

Photo courtesy of Housecat’s Facebook page – Note Water Polo’s Drummer, Eric O’Neill, really feeling it

Photo courtesy of   Housecat’s Facebook page

Photo courtesy of Housecat’s Facebook page

Sleep Well. God Bless.

About the Writer

Sean McCall is a Music Business Technology Major studying at Rowan University with a Minor in Theatre.  He has been attending shows and events since he was in middle school and has had his own band he’s been involved in for about 7 years called Breaking Tradition.  He has been actively involved in the music scene since he was young and holds an overall passion for all types of music.  He has an ear for music and tries to pick up as many instruments as he can.  Sean has sung in multiple competitive honor choirs throughout the country, ranging from All-State Honor Choir to as far as All-National Honor Choir, and plans to take off in the Music Industry in as many ways possible.  Sean also recently helped book a show in Glassboro with his friends, Alex LaVallee and Alex Bradley, and plans to book many more independent shows in the near future.  With a passion for music, bands, and the overall scene, he is adding music journalism to his resumé to contribute even further into this talented area we call home.