Sunroom Booking Presents: END OF SUMMER ACOUSTIC SHOW

Friday, Sept. 2nd @ 5PM, Voorhees Township, NJ

By Luke Morsa | Posted September 1, 2016

Sunroom Booking is run by local acoustic artist Ben Greenblatt who is very involved in the South Jersey music scene.  All shows by Sunroom Booking are held in a sunroom.

Event information

"Summer is gonna be ending soon and I don't want it to end without a proper gig at the sunroom, let's hang out and listen to some great music!"


Orchids (PA) - 6:00-6:30

Vent - 6:30 - 7:00

Ordet - 7:00 - 7:30

Family Values - 7:30 - 8:00

Bike Routes - 8:00 - 8:30

Space Cadets - 8:30 - 9:00

Ben Greenblatt - 9:00 - END








Featured Bands

Orchids (PA)

          Orchids is a project fronted by Dylan Coverdale from Philadelphia.  For fans of honest and heartfelt acoustic tunes.



Vent (ex members of City Shapes, Clearview)

            Vent is a fairly new band to the scene.  They only have a couple of shows under their belt, but experience from former bands.  After listening to the rough mixes, I would classify them in the very broad genre of Emo / Alternative; it will be up to the listener to decide what they sound like from there.  An album and a music video are on the horizon so be on the lookout for those and catch them at this show!




       Ordet is the solo project of Connor Rothstein of NJ.  His music is flooded with sounds of early 2000’s emo with a lot of personal additions.  For fans of early Brand New and Taking Back Sunday.



Family Values

            Family Values is the project of local musician Tim Waldron. Combining sounds of Lo-Fi, 90’s Alternative, and modern emo influences, Family Values is a refreshing sound on the front of the South Jersey music scene.



Bike Routes

            Bike Routes is the moniker of local acoustic artist David Osterhout.  Bike Routes has a show or two under it’s belt as a full band, but all recorded music is acoustic.  For fans of The Front Bottoms and tall, lanky people that wear 2XL hardcore band tees.



Space Cadets

            Space Cadets are a two-piece emotive math rock band. From their twinkly guitar riffs to their complicated time signatures to their emotional lyrics, they are a band that is not to be overlooked. Both their recorded music and live performances are extremely enjoyable. For fans of Tiny Moving Parts and Modern Baseball.


Ben Greenblatt

            Ben is a local musician who is only 16-years-old but already has a following of fans and a frequent crowd singing along to every song.  He has plenty of releases to choose from for your first listen, all are equally good choices.  For fans of Modern Baseball and musicians who are in touch with meme culture.


Other Information

Facebook Event Page 

The show is free, buy merch from the bands that have it!  The address to the show is on the event page.  Message Ben Greenblatt or post in the event if you have any questions!

About the Writer

Luke Morsa is a musician and writer from Hammonton, NJ.  Luke is the guitarist and one of two vocalists in Clearview, an Emotional Post-Hardcore band.  Luke began writing music articles and conducting artist interviews two years ago for his own music blog.  Luke is currently in college working towards a degree in Psychology.  He has booked under Grandaire Booking and is a supporter of the music scene in NJ.