Terry McCarthy Ready to "Go Fourth"


Terry McCarthy and his band will be performing his original songs in Montclair at Tierney’s on October 28 to promote his latest CD “Go Fourth.”  Or if you happened to be in the city, he will perform solo at the Cell Theater on October 27 at 338 W. 23rd St. at 7 pm.

A long-time Nutley resident, Terry has performed at Tierney’s, Art Garage, Hillside Cafe, and other local clubs with both his band and as a solo artist.  He has played in NYC in many East Village clubs such as The Sidewalk Café, C-Note and Arlene's Grocery.

“Go Fourth” was recorded, mixed and produced by Gerry Griffin at the local recording studio The Temple of Tuneage.  All words and music written by Terry.

One of the top ten picks for the best individual art events of 2015 by the Montclair Times, saying of his previous album “The Charm,” “catchy, melodically complex, with shifting keys and diminished chords, and precise, concise lyrics.”

Joining Terry will be Gerry Griffin (The Porchistas), Tom Monaghan (Thousand Mile Stare) and Bob Cannon (The Thousand Pities) and Bill Karcher (Fabulous Flemtones).

Headlining that evening will be the legendary Fabulous Flemtones, who have been wowing audiences for decades.  It will be quite the night of music.

His three recordings, "first Cd" and “Wait, A Second” and “The Charm” are available on cdbaby.com as well as from iTunes