The Bomb Shelter Presents: The Blithedale Romance // No Stranger // The Year End // Wishwell

Saturday, Sept. 3rd @ 7pm, The Bomb Shelter, New Brunswick, NJ

Click the flier to be directed to Facebook for tickets.

Click the flier to be directed to Facebook for tickets.

By Sean McCall

The Bomb Shelter is a venue located in New Brunswick, New Jersey.

This venue is actually run by a number of bands such as

-       Milkmen

-       The Blithedale Romance

-       American Lions

-       Hurricane Season

They host basement shows, live sessions, as well as recordings.  The Bomb Shelter actually tweeted last year in September of 2015 that they were not going to host shows for a while, so this is one of the first shows in almost a year.  This weekend, Saturday, September 3, they’re kicking the month off with a solid show, including one of the bands that helps run the venue, The Blithedale Romance.

This show starts at 7PM. It’s a 21+ show, and it only costs $5 to get in. You’re basically paying a dollar a band, and then tipping the door guy. N

The event on facebook is hosted by Luke Anderson, the bassist of The Year End, and Robes Pierre, the singer/guitarist of The Blithedale Romance. Everyone in The Blithedade Romance are great people, definitely talk to them if you get the chance to.


Luke posted this on Facebook:

Don’t miss the secret handshake, or you’ll be left out.  Don’t be left out. Nobody likes feeling like the last kid picked in gym glass, and this is pretty much the same thing, but worse if you miss it.



The Blithedale Romance (NJ)

New Noise Progressive Melodic Punk

Most recent release – “Wanderer


No Stranger (DE)

Acoustic feelings return to New Brunswick in their fully evolved band form

Most recent release: “Haste”



The Year End (DE)

*Dark Rock that’ll get you shakin while you contemplate life*

Most recent release: “The Year End”


Wishwell (NJ)

*3 guitars. Sometimes 2. Kills it everytime*

Most recent release: “Reasons”

~Confirm you’re attending on facebook~

About the Writer

Sean McCall is a Music Business Technology Major studying at Rowan University with a Minor in Theatre.  He has been attending shows and events since he was in middle school and has had his own band he’s been involved in for about 7 years called Breaking Tradition.  He has been actively involved in the music scene since he was young and holds an overall passion for all types of music.  He has an ear for music and tries to pick up as many instruments as he can.  Sean has sung in multiple competitive honor choirs throughout the country, ranging from All-State Honor Choir to as far as All-National Honor Choir, and plans to take off in the Music Industry in as many ways possible.  Sean also recently helped book a show in Glassboro with his friends, Alex LaVallee and Alex Bradley, and plans to book many more independent shows in the near future.  With a passion for music, bands, and the overall scene, he is adding music journalism to his resumé to contribute even further into this talented area we call home.