The Return of Your Persona

By Alex Bradley

It seems as if there has been nothing but bad news lately.  There have been so many benefit shows for people who undeservingly have suffered.  One of those people has been Matt Campione.  For what has been far too long, Matt has been in and out of treatment for testicular cancer.  Matt is a very active member of the local music scene. He is the singer and guitarist for Hammonton-based band, Your Persona.  A couple of months ago, Matt’s hospital bills added up, and as the stories go, it was overwhelming.  Being part of a very intimate music scene, people banded together and helped in the best way they knew how.  There were countless benefit shows, and a GoFundMe account set up.  Support poured in, and the amount that was needed was able to be raised.  During this whole situation, Matt was still being treated.  Due to him being in the hospital, his band had to take a backseat. 

There was finally some good news: Matt’s cancer went into remission.  Although Matt has performed acoustically a handful of times in the last two months or so, it has been a very long time since their last full band performance.  Your Persona is a household name, if you will, in the Hammonton music scene.  Their bassist, Jose Martinez, is the founder of Grandaire Booking, who are a true powerhouse in booking shows in South Jersey.  On May 2nd, Your Persona released their first single titled “191” off of their upcoming EP, When In Limbo.  Your Persona worked with local legend Ace Enders, of The Early November, to record their new songs. 

On Saturday May 28th, Your Persona will return to the stage to what is, no doubt, going to be a packed room.  The raw energy and passion that this band portrays is something you don’t come across often.  With excitement building for the last few months, as well as the release of this powerful track, this show will sure be a great time for all attending.  The bands supporting Your Persona at this show are of mixed genres, and are all incredibly talented.  With such variety, and with such talent, there is no reason to miss this show. 

Check out Your Persona's single, "191"

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About the Writer

Alex Bradley is a student at Camden County College.  For years she has been attending local shows and much larger concerts. At only 18 years old, with a passion for music and all things included, she has been consistently booking performances underGrandaire Booking, both around Hammonton, NJ and also at Coffee Works Too.  With years of experience under her belt already of being involved in the local music scene, Alex is beginning to book her own shows independently as well as writing about her experiences and adding music journalism to her repertoire.