Transcript - Mission 50 Workspaces

Why Choose Coworking


Greg Dell’Aquila
President, Mission 50 Workspaces
(50 Harrison St, Hoboken)


Aaron Price
Co-founder, Mission 50 Workspaces
Founder, NJ Tech Meetup 

GREG: To define a coworking space, the definition would be shared office space.  It’s what you have in a traditional office space – now you’re just sharing that among companies.  You have a shared conference room, some shared workspace, maybe some private offices. You’re sitting next to people.  You’re communicating with people.  It organically fosters communication with the other members. 

AARON: To me, a co-working space is, it’s a lot more than having a desk.  People who are interested in co-working want a lot more than just an office.  They want some camaraderie, they want a community environment where you can easily work in a collaborative way with other people who are there.  Maybe they’re designing something and they want to bounce an idea off of a few people who are in a room who are also creative.  Just having other people in the room to be around, whether you’re even talking to them or not, provides a lot of sort of social fuel.

GREG: Being in a co-working space, seeing other people getting stuff done, makes you motivated. 

Hoboken’s a rectangle.  The PATH is in the Southeast corner.  Mission 50 is in the Southwest corner.  It’s about a 10-15 minute walk from the PATH.  It’s also about 2 blocks from the Light Rail. 

AARON: Mission 50 is the address – 50 Harrison Street.  The concept of entrepreneurs on a mission is something we kept thinking about, and so Mission 50 is sort of an abstract name with a shout-out to entrepreneurship.

GREG: The current make up of tenants is very mixed.  It’s everyone from full on game developers and software engineers, to the stay at home mom writing a novel, to attorneys. 

We tried to make sure that we put a little of everything that you can get in a workspace – the open shared workspace, the private office space, the conference rooms, the phone booths. 

AARON: Wi-fi’s included.  There’s a kitchen.

GREG: Coffee’s included.  Printing is included.  Scanning.

AARON: You’re not thinking about any of those other expenses.  Everything’s taken care of.  Security.

GREG: Electric.   

AARON: Toilet paper.  Everything that you have to think about as a small business owner that you normally have to take care of in your own office, I have literally never thought about those things. 

GREG: We maintain your office environment so that you focus on working. 

The benefit of working at Mission 50 as opposed to working from home or a coffee shop, the fundamental answer is, like, productivity. 

AARON: It’s a whole different animal than working from home.  Home has the whole construct of your life surrounding you, and it’s really easy to get distracted by your physical stuff, by your thoughts of tasks you need to get done at home.

GREG: You’re not being distracted by an espresso machine or the crying baby that gets brought in on a stroller or the loud music that’s playing in that particular location. 

AARON: I’ve been a guy who’s worked in a warehouse, sometimes by himself.   I’ve been in a coffee shop, with all those distractions.  I’ve worked out of my own private office in, you know, places like executive office suites, and to me, co-working is the most enjoyable and productive place to work. 


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