Interview with Use Big Words Guitarist Joe Ufer

By Sean McCall

S.M.: Can you talk about how you first got into music leading up to use big words?

Joe Ufer:  I think I was in, like, 7th grade and I really for some reason was trying to play bass real hard.  I took lessons and I stopped because they didn't really do anything for me.  So in 7th grade, I hooked up with this band with somebody who came in and wrote songs for these kids and we played the Starland Ballroom.  He took us shopping and went to NY with us and charged like $50 a practice.  After a while I felt like I learned a lot, and I left the band, but being on that stage and in that band kinda made me want to keep doing it.

How long has use big words been a band? Who are the members?

4 years.  Alex Kritz, Ray Bonanno, and ya boy. 

How did you guys meet?

Alex and I had bands together, in separate bands, but met through our local music scene.  We were boys for a long time, and me and Ray were both doing audio recordings at County College of Morris in Randolph, NJ.  So I said, "Yo, Ray.  Me and Alex have been writing for a little bit, and we think it might be up your alley."

How long have you been making music?

I started actually writing music in 8th with a screamo band we called Send Down the Fire. (rad) We named it after a church song we had to sing in choir. 

Talk about use big words right now and what's to come for you guys in the future. 

The future holds nothing but success for use big words.  Inbounding success even. 

Do you guys have any shows and tours planned?

We just played this past Sunday with Flyermile, which has members of Circa Survive in it.  It was pretty sick. 

Anything else you’d like to add?

Shoutout to Choke Artist.  They have an awesome roster of local bands, and their label is kinda an upcoming.  They helped us out with a tour in the summer with Invalids from the end of June to the beginning of July. 

How would you guys describe your style?

Our music is — our own unsocial style.  We all do our own thing from the way we play and grew up learning our instrument.  Everyone kinda has their own flare. Honestly if you like our music, you'll probably like our band — just because we're so heavily influenced by a lot of good music. 

Left to right: Alex Kritz (Bass), Joe Ufer (Guitars), Ray Bonanno (Drums/Vocal)

Left to right: Alex Kritz (Bass), Joe Ufer (Guitars), Ray Bonanno (Drums/Vocal)

About the Writer

Sean McCall is a Music Business Technology Major studying at Rowan University with a Minor in Theatre.  He has been attending shows and events since he was in middle school and has had his own band he’s been involved in for about 7 years called Breaking Tradition.  He has been actively involved in the music scene since he was young and holds an overall passion for all types of music.  He has an ear for music and tries to pick up as many instruments as he can.  Sean has sung in multiple competitive honor choirs throughout the country, ranging from All-State Honor Choir to as far as All-National Honor Choir, and plans to take off in the Music Industry in as many ways possible.  Sean also recently helped book a show in Glassboro with his friends, Alex LaVallee and Alex Bradley, and plans to book many more independent shows in the near future.  With a passion for music, bands, and the overall scene, he is adding music journalism to his resumé to contribute even further into this talented area we call home.