Venue Spotlight: Chalk zone at Cape May Court house

Cape May Court House, NJ

By Luke Morsa | Posted November 22, 2016

            Located in Cape May Court House, NJ, Chalk Zone is the house and venue of local musician Jordan Muller.  Jordan is a music scene supporter that graciously lets bands, strangers, and friends into his house for shows quite regularly, sometimes multiple times a week.  The show space is embodied of a living room and a kitchen.  There’s plenty of space for the bands to set up as desired in the living room and for the crowd to watch them from the kitchen which has a convenient and comfortable couch in it.

            The entirety of one of the walls is a chalkboard, hence the name of the house venue.  Written in chalk on the wall is a beautiful mess of quotes, lyrics, band names, drawings, and more.

            The shows offer lineups of a wide variety throughout the alternative / indie spectrum.  A local favorite of this area is Swooncellar, a three piece band fronted by Jess Wade.  The band is melancholy, soothing, and rides on an electric ukelele backed by drums and bass.

            The event pages of the shows state “No bigotry.  No bullshit.”  The shows at Chalk Zone are for anyone and everyone: all inclusive like a venue should be.  It’s a place where I feel safe for myself, my friends, and everyone else.  The shows at Chalk Zone are booked by Loser Casual Booking.

Below are some of the upcoming events at Chalk Zone.

Dec 17 - Perrenial/Castle Black/Unknown Nobodies

Dec 18 - Thin Lips / Hey Cindy / Swooncellar / Poor Lenore / TBA

Jan 3 - Nowadays/Wait and Shackle/It Came From Space

About the Writer

Luke Morsa is a musician and writer from Hammonton, NJ.  Luke is the guitarist and one of two vocalists in Clearview, an Emotional Post-Hardcore band.  Luke began writing music articles and conducting artist interviews two years ago for his own music blog.  Luke is currently in college working towards a degree in Psychology.  He has booked under Grandaire Booking and is a supporter of the music scene in NJ.