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Who are you?  
What do you do?  
Most importantly, why do you LOVE what you do? 

In a world where it's easier than ever to create, post, and share content, it's not enough to say WHAT you do.  People want to know WHO you are.

Jersey Indie / Sonia Louise Creations, LLC helps small businesses/entrepreneurs, artists, and nonprofits tell their story & build their brand by creating engaging, short-form videos that can be easily embedded and shared across websites, social media pages, and e-newsletters.  All our videos are mobile-friendly. Any content Jersey Indie creates, we'll also share with our network of 8,000+ social media followers. 

What’s our process?

1.) PRE-PRODUCTION - We sit down with you to learn about your personal story, what inspired you to get into your line of work, and what makes you / your business unique.  We work with you to figure out how to best tell your story - and multiple angles of your story - all in one video shoot.  Prior to filming, we provide you with a list of questions that we'll be asking, and you can add to this list as you feel is appropriate.

2.) PRODUCTION - We come to you, wherever you may be - your home, office, event venue, etc.  We bring all the equipment - 4K cameras, lights, mics, and backdrops.  What makes our style unique is that we take a documentary-style approach.  We let you tell your story naturally, without reading off a script.  (That's where your natural passion will shine through.)  Then, we finish with filming you at work, in your element, performing a piece (if you're a musician), or interacting with clients.  

A single shoot can yield multiple short videos, which you can then use as part of your marketing strategy, releasing them across your website, social media pages, e-newletters, and more, over time. 

3.) POST-PRODUCTION - We review and edit all the footage, give you private links to the videos-in-progress, and make any necessary adjustments.  When the videos get your final approval, we send you a high resolution 4K .mov/.mp4 file of the final videos that can be easily uploaded onto your YouTube channel, social media pages, website, etc.  Additionally, Jersey Indie will distribute your videos to our 8,000+ social media followers via Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. 


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Across the Floor
Across the Floor is a dance & gymnastics studio based in Woodbridge, NJ.  We created a video profile of their business, highlighting the various types of dance classes that they offer.  We captured the story of Across the Floor's owners (and lifelong friends), Cheryl and Sara, in a "Meet the Owners" segment.  We also made two behind-the-scenes videos showing what happens in some of Across the Floor's classes. 

3,309+ Views

658+ Views

Ash Rajan
Ash Rajan is Vice President / Investments at Rajan Glanz Wealth Management,  Janney Montgomery Scott, LLC, based in Bedminster, NJ.  He is also a French-certified Maitre Du Vin Du Bordeaux (Master of Bordeaux Wine).


Back to Basic Wellness
Back to Basic Wellness is a holistic nutrition coaching business based in Morristown, NJ, run by Kathy D'Agati (Holistic Nutrition Coach) and Ellen Harnett (kitchen coach and natural foods chef).  We interviewed Kathy and Ellen about their business, what services they provide, and tips for living a healthier lifestyle. 

Crushed Beneath Poetry
Crushed Beneath Poetry is an open mic night that takes place the first Thursday of every month in Point Pleasant, NJ.  The event is open to everyone, whether you're a musician, poet, comedian, or something else.  The host and organizer is Dennis Townsend, a.k.a. The Heavy Metal Poet.  From one day of filming, we were able to create a series of videos -- one that introduced Dennis, another that featured testimonials, three vignettes that showcased different artists who performed at the event, and event coverage of the entire event. 

eSOZO Computer and Network Services 
eSOZO is a MSP (managed service provider) based in Flemington, NJ that provides IT assistance in a variety of forms for businesses both small and large, across a range of industries.  For eSOZO, we created a series of short videos showcasing different members of their team, as well as a longer video about their company. 

Testimonial videos for eSOZO
eSOZO requested a series of videos that highlighted the 10+ year relationship they've had with their clients.  These videos gave the featured speakers an opportunity to speak about their companies as well as rave about eSOZO.  

Featured clients include Approved Fire Protection Co. (New Jersey’s oldest fire protection company) based in South Plainfield, NJ and Thibaut (the nation's oldest designer wallpaper firm) based in Newark, NJ

Fight Mannequins
Fight Mannequins is a music production company based in Dover/Cranford, NJ.  They compose music for feature films, television commercials, and more as well as do sound design.  For Fight Mannequins, we created an EPK (electronic press kit) that allowed them to tell their story - how they got started, what they do, and where they hope to take their business next. 

455+ views

Hanover Wind Symphony
Hanover Wind Symphony is an all-volunteer nonprofit symphony based in Whippany/Hanover, NJ.  Jersey Indie has produced a series of promotional videos for their upcoming concerts and fundraising events.

Mission50 Coworking
Mission50 Coworking based in Hoboken, NJ provides "a flexible shared office environment for small businesses, entrepreneurs, and freelancers, designed to foster productivity and collaboration." In one of Jersey Indie's first-ever produced videos, we sat down with Co-Founders Greg Dell'Aquila and Aaron Price to learn about Mission50's diverse work space offerings. 

270+ views

Nikki Briar
Nikki Briar is a country recording artist from Clark/Garwood, NJ.  We did a two-day shoot with Nikki - one consisting of an interview and a second capturing one of her live performances.  From this, we created an artist profile for Nikki as well as an acoustic performance video. 

NinetyThree Entertainment
NinetyThree Entertainment is a boutique event entertainment company based in northern NJ that specializes in private events such as weddings, Bar/Bat Mitzvahs, and corporate events.  Jersey Indie sat down with Founder/Principal Event Host, Artem Lomaz.  From a three-hour shoot, with were able gleam enough material to produce 7 short videos, focusing on various aspects of NinetyThree Entertainment's offerings. 

NJ Tech Meetup
NJ Tech Meetup based in Hoboken, NJ is "NJ's largest technology & entrepreneurial community of over 6100 members." Jersey Indie sat down with Founder, Aaron Price, to learn what inspired him to start this growing network, and what he hopes members will get out of it. 

223+ views

Tommy Hilcken Productions
Tommy Hilcken is a speaker, trainer, and overall entertainer based in northern NJ.  He uses motivation and laughter to help gain public speaking confidence and deliver high-impact presentations, in addition to providing a host of other services for individuals and corporations.  After a three-hour shoot with Tommy, we were able to deliver 8 short videos about various aspects of his business. 

Vital is a vegan-friendly Jamaican restaurant located in Montclair, NJ.  "In a time where everyone is a pescetarian, paleo, vegan, vegetarian and so on, Vital is a place where we can all come to be satisfied. Offering something for every taste, it is where eating to live and living to eat meet!"  In one of Jersey Indie's first-ever produced videos, we sat down with Vital owners (and siblings) Chef Kwame Williams, Nataki Williams, and Kanika Williams to learn what motivated them to leave their jobs and pursue a childhood dream of starting their own restaurant.

663+ views

Additional Videos
We've done video profiles for a number of other businesses, organizations, groups, and musicians as well.  

Restaurants & Hangouts in Hoboken, NJ as recommended by Mission50 Coworking's Greg Dell'Aquila and NJ Tech Meetup's Aaron Price.

362+ views 

NoPop performing at "Humans & Music" event at BoonTunes in Boonton, NJ on Sunday, January 8th, 2017.


Tabitha Booth & The Undermining Buzzkillers performing at "Humans & Music" event at BoonTunes in Boonton, NJ on Sunday, January 8th, 2017.