Little House Booking & HIT the PIT Present: Nobody Likes You When You’re 23 - Ryan and Jonn’s Birthday Bash @ The Watering Hole

Saturday, March 25, 2017, Mays Landing, NJ

Click the album cover to be directed to the event on   Facebook  .

Click the album cover to be directed to the event on Facebook.

By Sean McCall | Posted Friday, March 3, 2017

Little House Booking is a booking company based out of South Jersey that started in 2011 and has built its name and staff greatly since.  They offer a number of services, on top of shows.  It’s “For the bands.  For the fans.  For the Music.”

Little House started off as a non-existent booking company back in June of 2011 hosting a Birthday show at the Wolfhouse (which is where "Little House" comes from, see the significance? no?... we don't neither), in Mullica, NJ with 6 great local bands, and one great out of state band. Since then, we have taken a more serious approach and are branching out towards all areas of South Jersey.

We are diverse, which means we cater to ALL GENRES. Some shows will be 18+, some will be 21+, some may even be all ages. Make sure you refer to our event pages for further details on each individual show. If you are a photographer/promoter/press-related, please be sure to contact us to get on our guest list for any upcoming shows, otherwise you will be required to pay the cover charge at the door.

If you would like to team up and help book a show with us, let us know! We don't mind helping others out, as this is not considered a "JOB" for us, but more like a passion. We strongly support the local music scene as well as the local promoters and we do not mind sponsoring or helping out with other shows. 

We are heavily under the influence of DIY booking."

- Little House Booking's Facebook Page

Respect the venue.
Respect the environment.
Respect eachother.

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LHB hosts events at a number of places such as Boneyard Bar & Grill in Atlantic City, The Watering Hole in Mays Landing, ICAC Hall in Gloucester City, and Championship Bar in Trenton to name of few.

This Birthday Bash will be held on March 25th, 2017.  Doors are 6:00pm, and it’s $10 to get in.  There’s gonna be a lot of uncensored heavy ass music with loud amps, and heavy hitting drums; probably a lot of double bass, so be there.  There’s 8 bands, with one secret set.  OOOooOO, you don’t want to miss that hot fire, am I right?

The Watering Hole is a Mom and Pop bar and restaurant located in Mays Landing, NJ.  They serve multi-cuisine lunch, dinner, and drinks.

“Welcome to the Watering Hole Café, a South Jersey icon with a colorful history.  It is a fantastic place with an unpretentious attitude, great food and great music, where all are welcome.  Set on 12 acres of NJ Pinelands with an outstanding outside appeal, the Watering Hole Café is the latest name of this legendary establishment.

Early in The I900s, it was said to be a stagecoach stop.  People would come, pick up some supplies, eat some food and quench their thirst.  During prohibition, runners from Philadelphia would stop here on their way to Atlantic City (and maybe have a beer or two).

Dating back to the mid 50’s, Doaks was its name, with turkey shoots on the weekends, a truck horn on the roof to blow when cars drove by and entertaining clothes hanging from the ceiling.  Afterwards, it became the Country Pine Inn, which for the most part was a family restaurant serving hearty meals.  Next, it was Uncle Mike’s in the early nineties, which was a fabulous destination for motorcyclists because of the scenic stretch of road leading here.

So after a hundred years, we’re not much different from the Weymouth Furnace (located just north of us) having aged while remaining the same.  We are a local standby as well as home to a stranger, new comer or tourist, where all walks of life are always welcome warmly.

We hope you enjoy the music, your meal, a drink, your day, a game or anything else while visiting us and hope you will return real soon.

In ending, if you know of any history, weddings, memorabilia, that we should know about our establishment please share it with us, and we’ll be sure to hang it or post it for all to see.”

  -- Byron & MarIa

To get more information about The Watering Hole, such as their menu, calendar, activities, directions, etc. you can visit their website here.


1. Respect the Venue.
2. Respect the Environment.
3. Respect Each other.

$10 - Get there early, stay late, party hard.


-       Doors at 6

-       $10

-       5494 Weymouth Rd, Mays Landing, NJ

-       No Bigotry / No Bullshit


Groundless (New Name)
(Collingswood, NJ)

Metalcore NJ

Most Recent Release: “Paradigms”


Most Recent Release: “Prevailer EP”


Hardcore. They Dig Hockey. NJ.

Most Recent Release: “Betrayed” (Music Video)


Beneath the Break
(Atlantic City, NJ)

Straight Metal. NJ.

Most Recent Release: “Destroyer”


Lord Scumbucket
(Swedesboro, NJ)

Thrash Punk/Hardcore ft. My mans Andy, love the band name my dude

Most Recent Release: “Demo”


Metalcore NJ

Most Recent Release: Nothing but video teasers via Facebook, keep ur eyes peeled, brother


NJ Rock Baby

Most Recent Release: Also nothing yet, but they got T-shirts ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


Don’t forget about the secret set.  I’d tell you, but it’s a secret, you feel?  Also, I don’t even know what the secret set is, but I’m gonna find out.

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About the Writer

Sean McCall is a Music Business Technology Major studying at Rowan University with a Minor in Theatre.  He has been attending shows since he was young, and is currently in Breaking Tradition and FV, and is actively involved with The Calcifer Sessions.  He has an ear for music and challenges himself in learning as many instruments as he can.  Sean has sung in multiple competitive honor choirs throughout the country ranging from All-State to All-National Honor Choir.  With a passion for writing, creating, and music in general, he is adding music journalism to his resumé to contribute even further into this talented area we call home.