Loser Casual Booking Presents: Benefit for The Land In Between DIY (San Antonio, TX) @ The Chalk Zone

Wednesday, March 29, 2017, Cape May, NJ

Click the image above to be directed to the event on   Facebook  .

Click the image above to be directed to the event on Facebook.

By Sean McCall | Posted Friday, March 3, 2017

Chalk Zone is a DIY living room venue located in Cape May, New Jersey.  If you’re looking for a place to drink beer, listen to tight ass music, and possibly pet a dog, this is your place.  It may be a DIY house venue, but the reviews on Facebook are better than 95% of your town's local business' Yelp reviews.  I mean, they have entire walls that you can draw on with chalk.  It’s 2017.  It’s revolutionary.  It's freakin' Chalk Zone, brother.

This show is held by “Loser Casual Booking” who mostly books shows at Chalk Zone in Cape May, NJ.  If you’re looking for the address to Chalk Zone, or have booking inquiries, you can email Dijon Justice here - lunarcasualsj@gmail.com.

For this show, it’s Dylan Justice’s 22nd birthday, and he decided to make this a benefit show to help out some other DIY-promotin’ friends over in San Antonio, Texas.  Bring some bills.  Bring some friends.  Support yer scene(s).



This show is being organized in an effort to raise funds to be donated to
The Land In Between DIY based in San Antonio, Texas.  Here is a statement from the group:

'The Land In Between DIY is a vision to create, build, strategize, and foster the capacities of Do-It-Yourself culture in the framework of radical punk, and hardcore music politics.  We will be accountable for providing all ages an affordable, youth-accessible, and autonomous proactive space to collaborate for creative arts, music, and other events with locals, and internationals who have shared-knowledge, and values as our San Antonio DIY community.  Our anti-colonial principles are influenced by non-hierarchical critical decision-making, anticapitalist resilience, and an ideology of inclusivity and community empowerment by womxn, queer, transfolx, youth, and people of color participants whom have been excluded from unjust institutions.

As a decentralized space from a larger DIY community(ies)... our long term goal is to center those made invisible by encouraging transformative self-worth, and multicultural collective radicalism.'"

Click   The Land In Between DIY   image above to be directed to their Facebook page.

Click The Land In Between DIY image above to be directed to their Facebook page.

Click on the Café Revolution picture above to be directed to the youcaring link, to get more information on “ The Land In Between DIY ” and potentially Donate.

Click on the Café Revolution picture above to be directed to the youcaring link, to get more information on “The Land In Between DIY” and potentially Donate.

The gig is on Wednesday, March 29th, 2017, and doors are at 6:00pm.  There’s 6 bands, and they’re all from our beautiful tri-state area.  Most bands are from NJ, some are from PA, and one is from NJ, PA, and DE.  Organizing practice for them must really suck, so come to this benefit show to make sure it doesn’t suck.


1. Respect the Venue.
2. Respect the People. 
3. Come early, Stay late.

$5-$10 for ya local scene - Get there early, stay late, party hard.


-       Doors at 6:30 // Music at 7:30

-       $5-10

-       BYO


-       No Bigotry / No Bullshit

-       Party & Pet dogs 



4 horse lords of the (Scre)a(mo)pocalypse
Most recent release – “This Eternity Churns Electric”


Philly Political hardcore, Stay Pissed
Most recent release: “Nothing is Ever Over


The New Harmony
(Egg Harbor Township, NJ)

Punishing Tri-state powerviolence
Most Recent Release: “Flower of Flesh & Blood”


(Sweetwater, NJ)

Like Tripping through outer space with the one you love
Most Recent Release: “Alula Borealis”


Experimental Grindcore/Twinkle-Death
Most Recent Release: “Successive Failures”


Experimental, Exasperated Spoken Word
Most Recent Release: Split w/ Bedtime Stories


~Set Times~

Our Wits That Make Us Men: 7:30-7:55

Cocaine Breath: 8:10-8:35

Alula: 8:40-9:05

The New Harmony: 9:20-9:45

Caffeine: 10:00-10:25

Supine: 10:40-11:05


Again, for booking inquiries/Address, email lunarcasualj@gmail.com

~Confirm you’re attending on Facebook~

About the Writer

Sean McCall is a Music Business Technology Major studying at Rowan University with a Minor in Theatre.  He has been attending shows since he was young, and is currently in Breaking Tradition and FV, and is actively involved with The Calcifer Sessions.  He has an ear for music and challenges himself in learning as many instruments as he can.  Sean has sung in multiple competitive honor choirs throughout the country ranging from All-State to All-National Honor Choir.  With a passion for writing, creating, and music in general, he is adding music journalism to his resumé to contribute even further into this talented area we call home.