Jersey City/NYC Indie Pop Singer Giselle Releases Mixtape, "not ready to grow up"


Jersey City/NYC indie pop singer Giselle’s mixtape, not ready to grow up, was recently released on November 17th.  The 9-song mixtape offers a raw, aggressive take on traditional pop music in a tug-of-war between beauty and darkness.  Giselle is perhaps most notable for singing the 2015 viral hit diarreah song” featured on FX, which collectively garnered nearly 500,000 views on YouTube.  Giselle’s not ready to grow up signifies the pop singer’s evolution with music that is honest and vulnerable, highlighting her dynamic vocal range and taking us on a rollercoaster from youthful innocence to the harsh reality of growing up in today’s society.  Every song on the mixtape will be accompanied by a music video, all of which have been directed by women—offering a change of pace in a world in which women are often underrepresented.

Giselle - not ready to grow up.jpg

Listen to the mixtape in its entirety here.


Meghan Ianiro
Press Manager

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