HONEY SPOT BLVD to Perform at Soulsational Festival (July 29, 2017)

On July 29th from 11am to 8pm, Soulsational Festival will be celebrating music and wellness for its 7th year at Veterans Park in Bayville, NJ.  This free community event will feature "live music, local health and wellness businesses and practitioners, giveaways, a silent auction, and lots of opportunities to give back and unite the Jersey Shore community."  One of the event's live music acts is HONEY SPOT BLVD.  Enjoy this interview with Jessica Paris (Guitar / Vocals / Flute), below: 

What's your name, where are you from, where are you based now, and what do you do? 

My name is Jessica Paris, and I’m in Honey Spot Blvd.  We are based out of Hamilton, NJ.  I play guitar, flute, (sometimes drums) and sing.  Other members include Bill Wieszczek (guitar & vocals), Terry Crawford (bass), and Rusty DiPasquale (drums & vocals).  We play mostly originals with a few covers, and we have a domino addiction.  After we practice, we play at least 2 rounds of dominoes before we’re officially done for the night.

What's your background? What would you like people to know about you & your work? 

The band has been together for 15 years.  We genuinely enjoy each others company.  We have 2 band CDs that range in style from rock, funk, pop and blues – we even have rap on our CDs.  Of course we’re not the one's rapping - that would be terrible and we would owe a lot of money back to people for trauma if that were the case.  Rusty’s son, Salvatore, is actually a really good rapper who makes the appearance on the CDs and even at our live shows.  We’re just a fun band with catchy tunes.

How did you hear about Soulsational? What can we expect to see/hear at the festival, and what are you personally most looking forward to? 

The festival-goers are all super friendly.  A few of us carried around a “Free Hugs” sign.  Giving strangers genuine hugs, that human contact, was amazing.  And all the music between the Pavilion and the main stage was wonderful to listen to.  I discovered and followed a few people that I had never heard of until Soulsational.  I look forward to discovering more people and bands to follow!

How can people connect with you online? Do you have a website? Are you on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Bandcamp, Soundcloud, etc.?