Loving Your Music and Wanting to Maintain Your Income: Internet Jobs You Can Do Anywhere

By Gregory Burrus | Posted Sunday, March 5, 2017

Now having spent over 30 plus years in corporate America, I always loved what I did.  Besides being one of those people that loved to travel, loved airports, hotels and especially the piano bars, the word “job” never meant “a job” but rather whatever work I would like to get into.  Hence, I loved moving around from job to job until I found the work I loved to do.

Choose A Job You Love and Never Work A Day In Your Life

One of the things that I truly believe in is the saying “Find a Job You Love and Never Work a Day in Your Life Again."  When I left the corporate environment, and went out on my own, I went into business process analysis and telecommunications systems consulting.  A large part of what I did was travel a heck of a lot across America, Canada and many other places.  While there are many beautiful cities and places to see, a large part of my travel was work, airport and hotel.  So, while I still love airports and hotels, I also wanted to see what happened in the world, not just the business office I traveled to.  To do that in the many cities that I traveled through, it became clear that the next level of doing what I love but enjoying life more became a necessity.  

Today’s Environment You Can Work from Anywhere

Fast forward to today, I still apply the same lessons to life now that I did then.  Now I do mostly photography, social media marketing, blogging and building websites.  I also learned many, many virtual working lessons while working my internet business.  I learned that there are many jobs that can be done remotely while doing other work.  Bottom line is you don’t have to be tied down in one location or be stuck in an office.  You can work from home or work from anywhere if you want to.  Now, let’s apply it to the many musicians and artist that I meet.

Live Music Events Anywhere and Everywhere

The beauty of live music is that it can and will happen anywhere and everywhere in a town.  Since I meet and interact with many musicians and artists, it’s clear they love performing for their audiences and some will do it for the love of performing and not just for the payment.  I see the passion for what they do and the need to spend the maximum amount of time practicing and honing their skills.  What I see is that musicians and artists have already found the job they love and yet the industry may not always compensate them, so that’s the only thing they do. Therefore, most need a way to increase and supplement their income.

So how do people make it work?  Well, some musicians literally leave the country for more attractive opportunities like access to better health care, reduced college costs, and a better lifestyle.  Others secure a second job in an area that they may not actually love, or they find something closely aligned but it takes them away from what they want to do for way too many hours of the day. 

Making the Music Lifestyle Work

In most people’s minds, the words "meaningful" and "work" have little, if any, connection.  Our culture has become such that we are encouraged to choose a career based on its ability to provide security and financial stability, rather than opportunity for alignment with our passions and dreams.  The problem lies in the fact that many of us have come to believe that it is simply not possible, or wishful thinking at best.  Yet, in reality, nothing could be further from the truth.   Like anything in life, with the right knowledge and tools, anyone can be empowered to accomplish whatever it is they set their mind to.  To me, the musician and the artist, from what I see, do not have an option because what they do is built into them.  It’s what they do and they don’t have a choice.  That’s why, I suggest, you keep on doing what you love and research finding additional income sources by working jobs over the internet to generate some additional income from home or anywhere you travel.  

In today’s environment, high-speed connections and the ability to both send and receive money online means it’s easier than ever before to work remotely.  In fact, millions of Americans work from home every day, so it stands to reason that you could work from another country as well.  This is true for people of all ages and knowledge levels.  

Working Online Jobs

Depending on your income needs, this might mean working just a few hours per week, or it might mean a bigger commitment.  A good thing is that some of the suggested and very popular online businesses listed below offer incredible flexibility in addition to great income potential. 

Virtual assistant – VAs work in a lot of different areas and specialties.  They build websites, edit audio and video files, write content, create graphics, keep appointment calendars, and just about anything else that can be done on a computer.  Note, however, that competition is high from lower-wage countries like India or the Philippines.

Affiliate marketer – Affiliate marketers make money by recommending products to others.  When you make a sale through a specially coded affiliate link, you earn a small commission.  Income is based on the amount of effort you put into it, and can range from very little to multiple six figures.

Information product creator – If you have a great deal of knowledge about a topic, like music and art, or just like to research subjects, love to write and/or create videos and audio, creating info products might be for you.  Product creators can earn hundreds of thousands of dollars each year, but it generally takes time to build up to that level.

Coach – Coaching is a hot business these days, and can easily be done remotely.  Life coaches help their clients achieve more and have a happier life.  Business coaches assist with business planning and development.  Dating coaches help clients find lasting love.  A music coach can provide knowledge and encouragement.  Established coaches can earn a significant amount per hour, but be aware that certification and relevant experience may be required.

Writer – Writing is an in-demand skill, and can certainly provide a good income no matter where you live.  Demand includes writing blogs and articles for websites, marketing brochures, PR materials for your fellow musicians, or even help to ghost-write books for authors.  Top writers can earn a substantial annual income for a magazine article.

Working from Home or Anywhere

So to be clear, there are plenty of scams on the internet claiming you can make a gazillion overnight.  That’s not what we are talking about here.  I am suggesting you find your passion and find an associated work activity that people will pay for because you are doing it.  Then, figure out how to do it using the power of the internet, which many musicians and artists in the past never ever had as an option.

If it sounds good to you to work on something else while traveling, while doing what you love or while working from home, then take some time and do some research.  I only suggested a few opportunities.  There are literally hundreds of ways to work virtually.  It’s that, or being tied down to an office-type gig that may not supply the flexibility you need.

So You Just Want to Play Music

Now let’s pull it all together.  Where’s your office?  On a stage, in a club, or in a performing arts center?  You have a gig with lots of travel time and loads of downtime?  If you could do something during these hours that allowed you the freedom to travel and play, then know that any of these businesses can be operated entirely online from home, a hotel, or an airport with nothing more than a laptop and maybe a headset.  Think of it as your business, so rarely will you be required to attend a face-to-face meeting.  Now, you gain the benefit of a schedule that will be totally flexible, and you can live, work and play anywhere you choose.

This idea here is to get you thinking and considering the possibilities.  Like I said, I know many, many more ways and will gladly discus them.  In future articles in this series, I will go in-depth, into various work-over-the-internet income producers.  Have a question?  Let me know, and we can get you the details.  

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