Sunroom Booking Show

Ben Greenblatt: "Wilt" One Year Anniversary Show

Saturday Nov. 12, 2016, 4pm @ Voorhees Township, NJ

Album cover for Ben Greenblatt's EP, "Wilt." 

Album cover for Ben Greenblatt's EP, "Wilt." 

By Alex Bradley

Ben Greenblatt is a solo, emo, acoustic artist from South Jersey.  His first EP, “Wilt,” is complete with four original songs that can be considered “sad, yet comforting in a layered and brilliant way.”  Ben released “Wilt” on November 13th of 2015.  In honor of his first ever released EP, he will be hosting a show under his booking company, Sunroom Booking, which happens to literally be the sunroom of his house. 

“On November 13th, 2015, I made the last minute decision to record my first EP in my friend’s basement.  Since the release of “Wilt," my life has change for the better in so many ways, and I have met plenty of amazing friends along the way.” - Ben Greenblatt

The show will be held Saturday, November 12th, beginning at 4pm.  The address for The Sunroom can be found on the Facebook event page.  The lineup consists of:

Jake Gussman - A solo artist based out of Medford, NJ, who is in the process of recording his first record.

The Secondside - A five-piece alternative- rock band, from Northfeild, NJ.  Formed in 2011, they are able to put together a variety of different influences in order to create a unique sound. 

teethforteeth - A five-piece heavy-punk band from Hammonton, NJ

Better Machines - A four-piece post-punk band, also from Hammonton, NJ.  They recently released their first EP, “Honesty,” which is available on Spotify. 

FV - A four-piece alternative-indie band based in South Jersey, that is rather new news in the SJ Music scene.  Their EP “Fake Love” is available on Spotify.  FV will soon be releasing their new music that includes drummer, Sean McCall, and bassist, Alex LaVallee: the newest additions to FV.

Bike Routes - Another solo acoustic artist from South Jersey.  His last release was in August of the past summer, with a track on a split including FV and Ben Greenblatt. 

Lastly, Ben Greenblatt will be closing out the show and celebrating the one year anniversary of his Ep “Wilt.” He will also be preforming with a full band for the first time!

About the Writer

Alex Bradley is a student at Camden County College.  For years she has been attending local shows and much larger concerts.  At only 18-years-old, with a passion for music and all things included, she has been consistently booking performances under Grandaire Booking, both around Hammonton, NJ and also at Coffee Works Too.  With years of experience under her belt already of being involved in the local music scene, Alex is beginning to book her own shows independently as well as writing about her experiences and adding music journalism to her repertoire.