PEPPERWINE to Perform at Soulsational Festival (July 29, 2017)

On July 29th from 11am to 8pm, Soulsational Festival will be celebrating music and wellness for its 7th year at Veterans Park in Bayville, NJ.  This free community event will feature "live music, local health and wellness businesses and practitioners, giveaways, a silent auction, and lots of opportunities to give back and unite the Jersey Shore community." One of the bands that will be performing is soul/funk/groove band PEPPERWINE.  Enjoy this interview with Pepperwine's Kellie Shane (Keys/Vocals), below: 

What's your name, where are you from, where are you based now, and what do you do? 

Pepperwine.  We are all from New Jersey, and we consider ourselves to be based out of Belmar because that is where we rehearse.  However, all members live in different areas of the state.  We write original music that is soulful, funky, and groovy.  We play gigs all over NJ, PA, and NY.  You can check our full schedule at 

What's your background? What would you like people to know about you & your work? 

Pepperwine has been a band since 2012.  We started as a duo with me (Kellie) and Breece (guitar player) and have been with various members throughout the years.  We finally came upon the line up we have now and have been together for 2 years.  We've written a large volume of music since and continue to craft our sound and recently added a saxophone player! We have transformed over the years and are always growing. 

How did you hear about Soulsational? What can we expect to see/hear at the festival, and what are you personally most looking forward to? 

We have heard of Soulsational before in the past by seeing it on other local band websites, etc.  Always felt it looked like a really cool festival, and we are excited to be a part of this year.  You can expect a jam packed set of original music.  We have a mix of rock, groovy, and soulful songs to make you feel and funk to get your booty bouncing.  We keep it positive and upbeat and want our audience to have fun with us.  We are looking forward to the whole line up.  We are familiar with a lot of the acts on the main stage and all of them pack a punch - it's going to be fun to watch. 

How can people connect with you online? Do you have a website? Are you on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Bandcamp, Soundcloud, etc.? 

Our website has it all.  There we have links to our music, videos, show schedule, pictures, past shows, everything.  Our Facebook is and you can check us out on Instagram @pepperwine.