What’s Happening in the 3rd Annual "24 Hours Of Music Jamboree" This Weekend July 20 and 21 (South Orange, NJ)

By Gregory Burrus | Posted Tuesday, July 16, 2019

The 24 Hours of Music Jamboree in its 3rd year is a volunteer nonstop music event, much-loved by the local music community, those who come from afar to perform and our many visitors.   Normally held in May, this year it will be conducted on July 20 and the 21st. From the first event at noon July 20th to the last event starting at noon July 21st, the live music runs for 24 consecutive hours nonstop, covers multiple musical genres and highlights a good cause. In addition to regular scheduled events, there is live music all over South Orange, NJ.

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Sounds in Spiotta Park

In South Orange, Spiotta Park, New Jersey DJ Services will be warming us up at 11:15 am and then all day between the performances so you can expect New Jersey DJ Services  to be rocking the park all day long. Very happy that Soul Xpressiion School of Dance will be joining us for the first time and they will be live in Spiotta Park leading a Zumba session designed to make you work out and feel good.

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As the afternoon progresses come enjoy Dan Ogden music, the very popular Howling Poets, connect with some Latin Music from Carlos Frias and another new group called Psychedelic Fusion from the band YIRD. In the early afternoon Black Wax will have you toe tapping, head bopping to some great R&B music and in the evening you can dance the night away to popular cover songs by the exciting NXStage band. To close the night in the park, you can rock it out hard with the fabulous tribute band Deadful Greats. So come enjoy everything in Spiotta Park from POP, World music, Rock, Latin, R&B and more.

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We give a big thanks to Persaud Entertainment LLC and CEO Valerie Persaud in helping make the events happen in the park this year. Their band always attracts the largest Downtown After Sundown audience when Ricky Persaud Jr hits our stage which btw will be August 17th, 2019.

South Orange Gazebo

Meanwhile at the Jazz On Sloan at the South Orange Gazebo venue which has produced some wonderful live music performances from some truly great and well known musicians the mission continues with almost 24 Hours of Jazz and R&B from local musicians around the area. This year thanks to Wayne Winborne who is Executive Director of the Rutgers Institute of Jazz Studies(IJS) the IJS is  extending their community engagement mission of building and sharing jazz with us right here in South Orange NJ.


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They are supporting all the Jazz events throughout the 24 Hours Of Music jamboree. DC Jazz Fusion bandleader and bassist Darryl Clark will bring on stage some really cool friends. Joining Darryl Clark will be the former songwriter for Luther Vandross’s, world renowned pianist Nat Adderley Jr along with another heavy hitter jazz professional from the Count Basie band, saxophonist Marshall MacDonald.

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The South Orange Gazebo will continue swinging hard all day into the evening with Richard Reiter’s Drum Circle and Jazz Band and a make you always want to dance MPAC R&B Music band. You also get to spend some time with our gifted versatile vocalist, actor, producer and director Lynette Sheard.

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There’s also some really new very cool up and coming jazz musicians, like Seniar Raines, Mike Petillo, the Ben Frank Trio, Tim Rodner and yes drummer Bruce Tyler.  

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The evening highlight of the jazz day will be a Jazz Jam to end all Jams when we hit it off with Percussionist Norman Mann’s Birthday Celebration Jazz Jam. The musicians will be swinging, the vocalist will be singing and the gazebo will be jumping. All musicians and vocalist are welcome to come join in and jam with us at this truly unique one of a kind Norman Mann birthday celebration. It’s going to be hot!!!!! Overnight, keeping the music live all night will be newcomer Ilan Esienzweig, pianist Brianne Ford Live with local vocalist Kari Capone joining us in the 5 AM hour. Then our newcomer from Flip Da Skrip Tasha R Williams goes solo at 6 AM followed by 24 Hour of Music veterans Patricia Walton from MPAC and then it’s the Steve Jones Music hour. This will be followed by Jazz at from the Hassenfeld group.

Back in the Park

Blues Extravaganza in Spiotta Park South Orange NJ.jpg

And also over in Spiotta Park there will be a real world 4 hour Blues Extravaganza in Spiotta Park kicked off by singer Liza Katzoff, followed by soulful Tara Layne and then Blues Jam Master Andy Lackow closes us out.

Around South Orange

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In addition to the music at Spiotta Park and the South Orange Gazebo music will be all around South Orange, NJ on July 20th and 21st.  A number of local stores and restaurants are supporting the 24 Hours of Music Jamboree. Out on the avenue music lovers can enjoy the music on the way into and out of town when they encounter “The Little Shop of Hip Hop, BGR Burger, Café Word Bookstore, Elitist Coffee Shop, Jackie and Sons and more.

Events on the avenue are being supported by Lifestyle Advocate  CC Minton .

Events on the avenue are being supported by Lifestyle Advocate CC Minton.

Other around town regular live music locations are The Fox and Falcon hosting its popular Karaoke Night. Papillion 25 entertaining its customers with returning favorite MPACK music band while the South Orange Performing Arts Center has the wildly popular Ragtime, The Musical on its main stage. On Sunday morning attendees can attend an early morning Café Word Inspirational music session.

Support South Orange Rescue Squad

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This year the nonstop music jamboree is hoping to bring town wide awareness to the current needs of the South Orange Rescue Squad. As most folks do not know that the South Orange Rescue Squad is a completely volunteer organization. These folks are a full time support organization,  providing selfless service and are always there when we need them, so let’s be there for them when they need us. The public is invited to contribute to the South Orange Rescue Squad by making a donation at https://www.southorangerescuesquad.org or in person during the 24 Hours of Music Jamboree.

2018 Thank You All and here’s to 2019 and having another blast of a good time.

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